5 Body Parts She Wants You To Touch


The female body is a secret treasure of sexy surprises; you never know which move of yours will turn her on. Her skin is a lot more sensitive than yours, and when aroused, every inch of it becomes highly responsive to sensual touches...

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5 Easy Sex Tips For Longer Lasting Sessions


Early ejaculation is one the gravest male problems in the world. No man ever wants to leave her woman dissatisfied in bed; every guy dreads that...

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njoy Pure Wand: A Treat To Your G-Spot


The ‘njoy’ guys have been in the business for quite a while, and they have managed to get some positive attention from the sex enthusiasts all over the world...

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The Most Ridiculous Sex Myths You Need To Unlearn Now! – Part I


Probably, sex is the most talked-about thing in the world. Thanks to the “I-know-it-all” parents and the “Don’t-you-know?” friends, we all have got our brains filled with all the possible information on the subject...

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4 Hottest Places To Have Sex


Accept It! Bedrooms have exhausted their sexiness due to their overuse for passionate moments. There isn’t a hard-and-fast rule which implies that you cannot enjoy your sexual moments outside your bedroom...

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Five Common Mistakes Men Commit During Sex


All of us want to prove our manliness by giving our women the most satisfying orgasms of their lives. It’s just that some of you commit mistakes unknowingly, the mistakes which aren’t so manly, and are a big turn-off for women...

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A Beginner’s Guide To Orgasm Balls


Most probably, not every woman has heard of orgasm balls. If you are a rookie and don’t know, orgasm balls are originally called the Ben Wa balls...

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Three Easy Steps To A Great Shower Sex!


Sex in the shower! Everyone has seen it in the movies and we all fantasize about having one. Shower is truly a very sexy place to have a steamy session with your partner, and the wet atmosphere just makes it hotter...

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Enlarge Your Manhood With the Bathmate Hydromax X40


A prominently small penis can truly create an embarrassing moment and lower your self-esteem, thus resulting into a not-so-great sex session. This ultimately proves that size does matter.

To solve this ‘tiny’ problem, many guys resort to...

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LELO Tiani 2: Pleasure Meets Technology!


If you are a fan of sex toys, then most probably you already know about LELO and the awesome toys they make...

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